Fun Paper Crafts for Kids

Fun Paper Crafts for Kids

2020 is off to a fast start. Many people have noted that January went by pretty slow, but February is flying by. At least we get an extra day this year.

Since the year is off to such a great start we thought we’d give you a few fun ideas to mark the passing of the first few months. You don’t have to be an artist to make these project look good. Even if they turn out less than flawless, they will be fun to make. To keep it easy and accessible, we put together a different fun paper craft idea to get you through the first half of the year. Each month has a holiday or event you can celebrate with the kids by making craft time educational.

February - Paper Heart Wreath

Paper heart wreath

How are you going to use your extra long February, doing fun crafts of course. Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, we can celebrate love all month long. A cute creative activity is to make a paper heart wreath. Cut paper into strips, then fold the strips into hearts and glue them together. For more details check out The Hybrid Chick’s directions.

March - Mosaic Paper Shamrock

Mosaic paper shamrock

Luckily, in March we get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Some cute crafts to celebrate the “luck of the Irish” are mosaic paper shamrocks. Cut out some simple paper shamrocks and cover them in multi-patterned green squares. Check out this article from Happiness is Homemade for more details.

April - Bunny Hat

paper plate bunny hat

April brings the Spring and Easter! That can mean a few things but for kids crafts, it means BUNNY HATS! This one is really easy, you only need scissors, a pink marker, and a paper plate. Alpha Mom put together some easy directions and other fun ideas for DIY projects you can do with paper plates.

May - Friendship Bracelets

friendship bracelet

May is for Mother’s Day and the end of the school year. First you can show Mom she’s baby’s best friend with a sweet origami friendship bracelet. These modular bracelets from Paper Kawaii can be made for any occasion. Once you’ve mastered the pattern, you can make special ones for all the classmates to have over the summer. Using different color combinations, the possibilities are endless.

June - Giant Paper Airplanes

giant paper airplane

Mom got a custom friendship bracelet, it only makes sense that Dad would get something special for Father’s Day. The weather is nice and it’s time to take some of these crafts outside. What could be more fun than making paper airplanes with Dad? Making giant paper airplanes with Dad, of course. These jumbo planes from Fireflies & Mudpies can be made for $1 and keep the kids (and Dad) occupied for an entire afternoon.

July - Patriotic Wind Twirlers

wind twirler

The summer gets hot, real hot, every breeze can feel like a big deal. For the 4th of July you can celebrate the breeze and Independence Day with these patriotic wind twirlers. They are colorful, recycled and fun to make. The kids can help decorate for this year’s 4th of July party with these easy-to-make crafts from Happy Hooligans. Start saving your empty paper towel rolls now.

Have Fun

This is just a list of a few fun ideas, the possibilities are truly endless with a strong imagination and a quick Google. Whether you are looking for activities to do with your own kids or kids your babysit, be creative. You can try new things every month or even every day. These ideas can save you from the screen pacifier and help develop creative projects for everyone. Enjoy!