Ifrah Khan

CEO, Founder


Hey everyone! I’m Ifrah and I babysat throughout highschool and College. I went to Emory here in Decatur, GA and started Usit after witnessing so many obstacles both parents and students went through for simple couple hour babysitting gigs. I wanted to create a easy to use, affordable, and trustworthy platform for both parents and students and that’s what Usit is all about. If you need anything, just let me know! The team is always happy to hear from customers.


Technology Team

The Engitech team has over 20 years of experience in software engineering. They work closely with Usit to make sure everything goes smoothly. Have product suggestions? Have a technical question? The Engitech team is available!


Jeena Lee

Social Media Engager

Hey! My name is Jeena, and I am currently a senior at Emory University. I am a Media Studies Major, and have a background in TV production, development, and now entertainment marketing. I probably first heard of USIT my sophomore year -- a lot of my friends were using it, and especially in today's digital world, I remember thinking how clever this app was. I always describe it as Uber but for babysitting, and I think that's what makes it such a perfect side gig for college students. It's a job that can somewhat conform to your schedule, as opposed to the typical 9-5. Outside of USIT, I love to hang out with friends, binge watch comedies (I'm currently on Veep) and write. I also tend to pick up a new hobby every couple of months -- the most recent one being knitting, which has been an interesting, albeit extremely difficult, activity.