If you need to cancel for any reason at any time, you must notify the parent first via text or call. It is your responsibility to cancel the job through the app after notifying the parent. You will be charged a $20 cancellation fee if you cancel within any time frame. If you ask a parent to cancel for you, you will be charged double the cancellation fee. After 2 cancellations, you will be suspended from Usit for a year.


If you have to cancel, please notify your sitter and remove your job on Usit.  


Students are required to take the "Usit Verification Test" within the 5 days of their sign-up in order to have an access to our platform.



Please show up to your job on time, demonstrate responsible behavior, and dress appropriately. Please follow Usit Etiquette from the mandatory certification test.


Arrive on the agreed upon end time of your job. If you are arriving late, edit the end time of the job before the job is over.


If a parent books you through the app, you are required to do this job through Usit. If a parent would like to re-book you after your job is complete, they must re-book you through Usit’s platform. Circumvention will lead to automatic suspension from Usit permanently. 


You are required to use sitters you book through the platform on Usit. If you want to re-book your sitter, you must re-book them on Usit. Circumvention will lead to automatic suspension from Usit permanently. 


If you are given more than one 4 star rating or below, you will be permanently suspended from Usit

Parents with below 4 stars are removed from the platform. Parents are rated on their conduct, not their child’s behavior